“Do not go gentle into that good night.” It all started by some accidental ideas that brought us into this chill, dusky school——Although it was in mid-summer. Every time after school, I and my good friends came up with some weird plans to do——just to fulfill some curious minds. As a form of explorations, doing sneaky things can only be done when we’re young, which was undeniably exciting. This time we targeted at an unfamiliar primary school next to ours just a few blocks away.

After some “prudent” cruising, one spot successfully got our attention——a back door behind the main gate. It was movable barriers, just above 1 meter high. “Just 3 of us wouldn’t be enough, we should call more ‘support’.” Said one of ours. Hence, I called on 2 other mates to come, thinking that more people would be helpful.

Not until my fellows came in front of me with two bulky, noisy balance bikes had I realized what a terrible decision did I make. As an old saying goes: “In for a penny, in for a pound.” Even 2000 balance bikes couldn’t stop me from sneaking in. For better or for worse, we finally got into the school without any additional greetings.

Perhaps out of bad luck, the lamps in the school are so “intelligent” that wherever we went the light goes on. As the consequence, the securities quickly found us and then grabbed us to the “Guardian Post”. Considering that we are still at primary school, the securities decided to let us go——through the main gate. The swiftly passing time quietly swallowed the hot, moist night. The tall, slim boy, leader of the stealth-sneaking squad, was me.